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Planning & Zoning Department
415 W. University Drive
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 388 - 8202
Fax: 956 - 292 - 2080


The Urban Forestry Program is intended to protect and preserve the appearance and character of our community, promote the health and quality of life through the protection of specified trees, protect the value of our natural heritage, conserve water by promoting the planting of native trees and shrubs, and to establish standards for removal, maintenance, and planting of trees.

What is an Urban Forest?

Urban forests are ecosystems composed of trees and other vegetation that provide cities with environmental, economic and social benefits. They include street and yard trees, vegetation within parks and along public right of ways, water systems, fish and wildlife.

Why is an Urban Forest important?

Urban Forests help purify the air we breathe –100 trees can remove two tons of carbon dioxide from the air annually.

Urban Forests help manage a City’s water supply. Urban Forests help reduce energy demand – When placed in proper areas trees provide shade and help reduce energy consumption.

You can help.
Plant and care for trees.
Join a local green club, or participate in organized cleaning efforts.
Learn to conserve water.
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce